Customer Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is our priority and we guarantee to maintain customer privacy at all times and at all costs. Customer information that is provided to Floppy Fabrics is not shared with any third parties. Any information held electronically will be held to comply with financial obligations i.e. 7 years.

Privacy Policy for Postal Information

Any information provided for shipping purposes will not be disclosed to any other third party for any other purposes. Your postal information will only be used by Floppy Fabrics to ship your goods to you. This information will be received at my personal computer to which only myself has access. I do not have any employees and goods will be sent directly by myself. The computer is password protected for security purposes and to protect the privacy of my customers. I do not keep a register of customer addresses.

Privacy Policy for Email Addresses

Where you tick the box at the checkout and subscribe to receive our newsletter, your email address will be used solely for this purpose. You will receive an email copy of our newsletter with information updates on new fabrics etc. Your email address will not be passed on to any other third parties for any other purposes. The newsletter will be generated through the website and any email addresses will only be stored on my personal laptop that is password protected and inaccessable to anyone else. 

Privacy Guaranteed Making Payments through PayPal and Stripe

When you pay at the checkout, the payment is made directly to our PayPal / Stripe account through PayPal / Stripe and we do not receive any details of your credit / debit card. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to make a PayPal payment. The use of PayPal / Stripe is a totally secure method of payment. The details of your credit / debit card cannot be obtained by ourselves or any other third parties.

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