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Aurifil 12 month Thread Subscription 2021 - Booking Now!!!
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Aurifil 12 month Thread Subscription 2021 - Booking Now!!!

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The Aurifil Colour Builders thread subscription is for 12 months and you will be billed a month in advance. Every month three threads will be shipped to you in a lovely presentation box. The colours each month will blend together beautifully with a different colour scheme each month. By the end of the year you will have a beautiful collection of 36 threads (minus any you have used!!!) that will go with any project!

The threads this year are from the Aurifil 40wt 2ply which are a versitile and slightly thicker thread than the more common 50wt. The 40wt spools are wound on a green holder. It is the number one recommended weight by Aurifil for quilting and embroidery as it is a slightly thicker thread to give a more defined look to your quilting. The colours are linked with Endangered Species of animals this year and Aurifil have linked with Earth League International to try to highlight the plight of these endangered species.

The colours are as follows:

January - Greys 2600, 2610, 5004 - Sumatian Elephant

February - Reds 5002, 2250, 1103 - Red Panda

March - Greens 2908, 1147, 2890 - Sea Turtle

April - Taupe 6724, 2375, 6731 - Iberian Lynx

May - Pink 2410, 2425, 2530 - Pink Land Iguana

June - Blue 2770, 2735, 2784 - Whale Shark

July - Orange 2214, 1133, 1104 - Sumatran Tiger

August - Aqua Green 2835, 1148, 4093 - Blue Throated Macow

September - Yellow 2105, 2115, 1135 - African Wild Dog

October - Purple 2562, 2520, 2545 - Cross River Gorilla

November - Brown 2312, 6010, 2360 - Pangolin

December - Cream to Black 2021, 2625, 2692. - African Penguin

The above are the colours every month and you can get more information from the Aurifil website. The cost per month will be €26.95 for thread plus €3.50 for postage i.e. total cost €30.45.

Just include 1 in the box to subscribe for the collection and pay the booking deposit of €10. You will be charged the balance of €16.95 in January for the January box of threads plus the delivery charge of €3.50. The thread will ship early in January and you will then be billed in advance for February at €30.45 incl postage and so on. All spools are 40wt and 1300m spools so plenty of thread in a spool.

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