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Aurifil Thread Subscription 2022 - Booking Now!!!
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Aurifil Thread Subscription 2022 - Booking Now!!!

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I know its early guys but I need to place my order for the 2022 Aurifil Colour Builders this month so I am looking for people to book their places early. There is a fabulous selection of threads this year and Aurifil have really excelled with their creativity.

The threads this year are from the Aurifil variegated thread collection. Each month there will be two variegated threads in co-ordinating colours and a plain colour to match. They are all 50wt threads. Aurifil sell 36 variegated threads so by the end of the year you will have 24 of these collected in a broad selection of colours to go with every project. This year Aurifil have drawn their colour inspiration from 12 breathtaking rainforest plants. These plants are a representation of our Earth's most threatened tropical forest plants. For 2022 Aurifil has partnered with Rainforest Trust an organisation dedicated to the long term protection of these forests. The colours are linked with Endangered Plants:

January - Greys 2800-4060-4670  - Frangipani

February - Peachy Reds 2435-4250-4668 - Stinking Corpse Lily

March - Greens 2908-3320-4653  - Walking Palm

April -  Golden 2145-4150-3817 - Golden Shrimp Plant

May - Pink 2515-3660-4660 - Water Lily

June - Blue 2715-3770-4655 - Passionflower

July - Yellow 2130-3920-4657 - Bird of Paradise

August - Aqua Green  2830-4654-4662 - Jade Vine

September - Golden Yellow 2123-3910-4658 - Golden Trumpet

October - Lilac 2510-3840-4651 - Hawaiian Blue Ginger

November - Brown 2000-4666-4667 - Rubber Tree

December - Black / White 2024-4652-4665 - Spider Lily

The above are the colours every month and you can get more information from the Aurifil website on the link below. The cost per month will be €27.95 for the threads plus €4.50 for postage i.e. total cost €32.45.

I know it is early but I need to get an idea of numbers so I need to take bookings now. Just include 1 in the box to subscribe for the collection and pay the booking deposit of €10. You will be charged the balance of €17.95 in January for the January box of threads plus the delivery charge of €4.50. The first box of threads will ship early in January and you will then be billed in advance for February at €32.45 incl postage and so on. All spools are 50wt and 1300m spools so there is plenty of thread on a spool. 

I really think this is their best collection yet and I am going to subscribe myself so that I have all these beautiful colours to play with when I am quilting. There will also be a free applique pattern every month of the relevant rainforest plant.,multiple%20colors%20or%20multiple%20shades%20of%20one%20color.

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